Activities for social development

1. Vipassanā meditation training (Theravada Buddhist meditation):
Provide training on both principle and practice for monks, nuns and interested lay people.


2. Dharma Sanjorn or Mobile Dharma:
Teaching dharma to children at schools, communities and at two centers: Somsanga Center (Treatment and Vocational training for drug addicts center) and Ophthalmology center (Thongpong) to become happy and useful to society,to encourage them to live confidently in the community.

3. Community development:
Motivating the villagers to produce sustainable agriculture of organic products and handicraft, while protecting the community environment and culture.

4. Media and Communication:
Two radio programs on FM 103.7, broadcast on Saturday 10-11pm and Sunday 6-6:30pm, publication of dharma books, newsletter (3 issues per year) and website: are means of communication to disseminate BDP social work.

5. Training and Curriculum:
Training BDP members to become leaders in supporting BDP’s activities in the community, developing the training curriculum to be more accurate.

6. Mettadharma (Networking Project):
Training monks, nuns, volunteers and community leaders to disseminate understanding on HIV/aids and put an end to discrimination among HIV/aids victims, especially CEDC children.

Buddhism for Development Project (BDP) Office
Ban Thatluang Neua, Saysetha Dist, Vientiane Capital.
P.O.Box 5801, Lao PDR.

Tel/fax:+856-21 453 944 Cell phone: +856-20 222 8440
Email: ອີເມລນີ້ຈະຖືກປ້ອງກັນຈາກສະແປມບອດ ແຕ່ທ່ານຕ້ອງເປີດການໃຊ້ງານຈາວາດຄິບກ່ອນ

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